Exploring Burn2: Metamorphoses

I spent some time this weekend exploring Burn2 in Second Life. This event is an official virtual regional of Burning Man in Second Life. Residents from all over the grid gather on a virtual recreation of ‘The Playa’ and they proceed to build in it a community full of art and music centered around The Ten Principals of Burning Man. The theme for this year is ‘Metamorphoses’ which according to the Burn2 website is about a celebration of change and an exploration of the uncertainties in the world. The event opened on October 11th and runs through Sunday October 20th.

After teleporting to the event landing point where I Had the opportunity to make dust angels, I wandered around the virtual desert I took in the various creations from all the participants, the creativity of Second Life residents was definitely on full display here. There were artworks ranging from silly to thought provoking and serious, all revolving around the theme of metamorphoses and change. In addition to viewing some spectacular works of art, I was also able to catch some great live music at one of the camps, and even got to dance with a giraffe!

There is still plenty of time to catch this awesome event in world! Throughout the week there will be a number of live performers and events happening at the various camps and stages, you can view schedules for all of them on the events tab of the Burn2 website.

The Man
Some of the crazy vehicles for Burn2 shenanigans, I now want a rubber duck car with laser eyes!
More crazy Burn2 vehicles
One of the many creative art installations in the metamorphoses theme, this one had it’s own windlight settings
Another creative art installation showing the burning of the ten principals of Burning Man
The 2019 Metamorphoses Temple
The 2019 Metamorphoses Temple using the ambient dark windlight setting
Art Installation by Kerupa Flow
Camp Thea Dee with a sunset windlight setting
Reading about The Ten Principals of Burning Man
Listening to CQ at Camp Thea Dee and dancing with a Giraffe! Only in SL!

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