In the Pixel Kitchen: Photography Challenge Week 15

Growing up I had zero interest in the domestic arts, my mother on the other hand was a veritable domestic goddess who crocheted, sewed, kept a spotless house and was an expert at folding fitted sheets. During the holidays she would go on a baking marathon and make dozens of homemade cookies to give out to family and friends as gifts, she would bake them and store them in the freezer until it was time to give them out, my sister and I would sneak cookies out of the freezer when she wasn’t looking and eat them with some hot chocolate.

Over the years I have developed an interest in some of the more domestic hobbies, one of those is cooking and baking, I don’t do it often but I do occasionally like to try out a new fancy dish or make a pie from scratch. I even bake during the holidays now, although not as much as my mother did and I still have no idea how to fold a fitted sheet…

Since this challenge was centered around food and one of the things that I do like to bake is pie, I decided to create a cozy kitchen scene with an apple pie. When I bake an apple pie my kitchen does not look like this after I’m done, it’s more of a flour bomb went off kind of look! This week I also decided to play around with some of my texture overlays to give it a vintage vibe.

Below are some shots from others that are doing the challenge along with me, you can view more on our group Flickr page as well as click on the links provide below to check out their Flickr pages and blogs!!

This one is from the ‘Shapes’ challenge and is from Joey. She has a blog as well called Joey’s Cafe and you can also check out her work on her Flickr page.
Bist an Board
This one is from the ‘Sunset’ challenge and is from Varosh Santanamiguel, he has a blog called Devil Inside… and you can check out more of his work on his Flickr page.

The next challenge is ‘Fall’. As always if anyone wants to join in feel free, you can start at the beginning or jump in on any week that interests you! if you do decide to join us you can share your work in our Flickr group! A full challenge list can be found here.

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