A Virtual World With Real People

Second Life can be many things to people, it can be an escape, it can be a creative outlet, it can be a place to live out fantasies and dreams. Second Life is an imaginary world of our own making, but it is also very real… because behind the avatars dressed like fairies, robots and super heroes are real people that we make real connections with.

A friend of mine from SL passed away recently and even though we never had the chance to meet in person the loss of that friend is still as painful and poignant as losing someone I saw and interacted with face to face every day.

Second life is a place for making very real and lasting connections with people, through music, art and role play. In my years as a resident of Second Life I have come to find the community one of openness and compassion, sure it also has it’s drama but that comes with being human regardless of how many pixels are involved.

Having social anxiety and being a naturally introverted person, making friends is not the easiest thing for me to do, I too often get tripped up by over thinking and a really bad case of impostor syndrome. When I started coming in to SL all of that didn’t magically disappear but what I did find was that I wasn’t the only one and because of SL being the type of community that it is I was able to find people that accepted me as is, neurosis and all.

Over the years I’ve had many experiences in SL good and bad, it’s place that can excite and and place that can frustrate, but above all it’s a place for friendship, community and building lasting bonds with real people and I wouldn’t change a thing! (Except maybe the lag…)

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