In the Dark: Photography Challenge Week 9

It’s another Monday and another week done! The theme for this week was ‘Dark’. This is another one of those themes that can be taken in many different directions. Once could show a visual representation of dark thoughts or maybe pictures of things that only come out in darkness whether they be good or evil.

For my picture this week I decided the theme was an opportunity to practice low key lighting and portraits. I’ve always enjoyed this type of portraiture, it has an intensity to it, like there is a thousand stories in the darkness waiting to be told…

Low key avatar portrait

Below are some fantastic shots from others that are doing the challenge along with me you can view more on our group Flickr page.

#09 dαrĸ ♡ 2019-2020 52 weeĸ ѕecoɴd lιғe pнoтoɢrαpнy cнαlleɴɢe
This one is from Mysteria Bloodbane Ragnarok. She has a blog of her own called Mysteria’s Fashion & Lifestyle you can also check out her work on her Flickr page
#9 - dark
This one is from Stuart & Liz you can check out more of their work on their Flickr page or their Facebook page.
#9 - dark
This one is from Tiffany Bran you can check out more of her work on her Flickr page.

Next weeks challenge is “Black & White”. As always if anyone wants to join in feel free, if you do decide to join us you can share your work in our Flickr group! A full challenge list can be found here.

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