Life in Color: Photography Challenge Week 2

This weeks theme for the Second Life Photography Challenge is “Colorful”. The first color photograph (According to Google) was taken by Thomas Sutton in 1861, the subject of which was a colorful ribbon. In 1935 Kodak introduced the first commercially available color film but due to the high cost, color photography did not become the norm until the late 1960’s when it become more affordable.

Color is used in many ways in photography, it can set the mood or tone of a photograph, a photo of a family all in black is going to have a very different tone than one of a family dressed all in bright yellow (try to imagine Morticia Adams in bright yellow, it just doesn’t work). Color can be used to draw attention to a subject by surrounding your subject with colors that contrast with it, placing a bowl of oranges in an all blue room is going to draw the viewers eye to the bowl of oranges.

For my photograph this week I choose a summer fairy as my subject because I couldn’t think of anything more colorful than a member of the Fae in summer. I chose a bright orange ensemble for my otherworldly being and then headed over to StoryBrooke Gardens to find a suitable location. I ended up going with a spot with lots of purple flowers and blue butterflies so that it would contrast with the orange of the fairy outfit.

Summer Fairy in StoryBrooke Gardens

Below is a selection of vibrant and colorful photos from the group, you can check out more on our Flickr group page.

A SL Without Bullying
This one is from Varosh Santanamiguel, he has a blog called Devil Inside… and you can check out more of his work on his Flickr page.
#2 Colorful
This one is from Tiffany Bran you can check out more of her work on her Flickr page.
#02 colorғυl ♡ 2019-2020 52 weeĸ ѕecoɴd lιғe pнoтoɢrαpнy cнαlleɴɢe
This one is from Mysteria Bloodbane Ragnarok. She has a blog of her own called Mysteria’s Fashion & Lifestyle you can also check out her work on her Flickr page
To love someone doesn´t mean to share EVERY passion :D
This one is from Stuart & Liz you can check out more of their work on their Flickr page or their Facebook page.
Color Outside The Lines
This one is from Mohezia Westwood you can check out more of her work on her Flickr page.

The next challenge on the list is “Sunset”. If this was a real life photography challenge then this would mean missing dinner every night until I got the right shot, fortunately this is a Second Life photography challenge and that means we can adjust a some settings and have a wonderful sunset any time of day. What this means is we get to play around with windlight settings this week! I found a good article from Kultivate magazine on adjusting and creating windlight settings, the link is below:

SL Photography: Change your Windlight and Change your World

As always if anyone wants to join in feel free, if you do decide to join us you can share your work in our Flickr group! A full challenge list can be found here.

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