Photography Challenge

When I started this blog I really did not have a clear picture of the direction I wanted to go with it, all I knew was that I wanted to write about Second Life and my experiences in world and photography. Something that I enjoy doing very much in world is photography. I love setting up a scene to shoot and in SL I have a lot of options on the different scenes I can set up, whether it’s a fantasy scene or something from the prohibition era, SL gives me the the option to do almost anything I want.

One of the biggest challenges I have with photography though, is trying to come up with a theme to shoot. I have lots of ideas bouncing around in my head but trying to figure out what to go with first, sometimes seems like an insurmountable task. So I thought it would be a good idea to give myself some guidelines to work with and I thought the best way to do that would be to start one of those 52 week Photography Challenges. I know that people usually are supposed to start these in January at the start of the year but I’ve always been one to do things my own way, so I’m starting mine mid-year!

Below is a list of themes that I put together:

1 Self Portrait
2 Colorful
3 Sunset
4 Yellow
5 Night
6 Water
7 Negative Space
8 Sky
9 Dark
10 Black & White
11 Shapes
12 Music
13 Fashion
14 Shadows
15 Food
16 Fall
17 Lines
18 Halloween/Spooky
19 Red
20 Fire
21 Shoes
22 Gratitude
23 Silhouette
24 Drinks
25 Light
26 Giving/Gift

27 New Years Resolutions
28 Winter
29 Blue
30 Faceless Portrait
31 Air
32 Contrast
33 Relationships
34 Minimalist
35 Transportation
36 Hands
37 Landscape
38 Luck
39 Small
40 Spring
41 Morning
42 Earth
43 Broken
44 Patterns
45 Books/Reading
46 Sunrise
47 Green
48 Large
49 Chaos
50 Time
51 Summer
52 New Beginnings

My plan is to do a Second Life photo based on the weeks theme and post it on Mondays, starting with the first weeks theme “Self-Portrait”. If anyone would like to do the challenge along with me, let me know and I can set up a Facebook or Flickr group for sharing our work! Be as creative as you want to be, the only rules are that it must in some way involve the designated theme and be a photo taken from Second Life.

My goal with this is to not only provide myself with some guidelines to work with but also help myself grow as an artist by taking on themes that I might not normally shoot. It will definitely be interesting to see where this photographic journey takes me!

UPDATE: I have created a Flickr group for sharing photos be sure to tag the photo with the weeks theme!

Link to Flickr Group:

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