Ill-Behaved Women

I have no desire to make this a political blog in any way, but the events of the past week here in the US have left me feeling dismayed and disappointed as a group of men again make attempts to try and impose their control over women.

I’m not here to get in to a debate over abortion, I am pro-choice and always will be, no argument will change that and if that bothers some people then they can feel free to move along. The recent laws that have been passed in states like Georgia and Alabama have nothing to do with preventing abortions, if that is what they really wanted they would be first in line to hand out free birth control and advocate for comprehensive sex education, because those are the things that prevent abortions. No these laws are about punishing women that these men view as being ill-behaved.

Ill-behaved women are those women that refuse to fit in the gilded cages that some men like to put women in. They refuse to conform to what society tells them they have to be. Ill-behaved women like to make their own path.

So today in second life I decided to put together a photo shoot inspired by some of the ill-behaved women in history.

Up first is a woman that I have been fascinated with since high school. Queen Elizabeth I. She is a woman that proved that not only can women rule a country but that sometimes they are the best one for the job.

Queen Elizabeth I

She was reffered to as the Virgin Queen, not that she was actually a virgin based on historical record there is a pretty good chance that she was not as she had a number of suitors, she was called the Virgin Queen because she never got married. Her solo reign lasted for 45 years and she is associated with one of the greatest military victories in British history.

The next woman on the ill-behaved list is Veronica Franco, she was a famous Courtesan in 16th century Venice.

Veronica Franco

After a marriage that ended badly Veronica Franco turned to the life of a cortigiana onesta or intellectual courtesan to support herself, not only did she find great success at this, she also became a published writer. She eventually started a charity for courtesans and their children. She even managed to successfully defend herself against a charge of witchcraft which was no easy feat in 16th century Venice.

The last shot I did was inspired by an entire group of ill-behaved women. The Suffragettes were a group of women who fought for the right to vote in Public elections.


There have been many women associated with the women’s suffrage movement, including Emmeline Pankhurst, Annie Kenney, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucy Stone. These women all had the uppity notion that they should have the right to vote and they proceeded to cause all kinds of disruption and trouble to ensure they got that right.

These are just some of the many ill-behaved women that through out history have colored outside the lines and refused to stay within the boundaries that society has set for them, resulting in opening up many new paths and options for women everywhere.

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