Frolicking After Dark

In real life the chances that I would go out to a night club on a Tuesday night to listen to live music are pretty slim. Aside from the fact that I am of an age where the expectation is I spend time adulting and doing adult type things during the week which require me to be somewhat rested, I am also an introvert.

A Tuesday night in Second Life is a different story. SL is home to a lot of really great live music and the best part is I can sit and listen in my pajamas! One of my favorite spots to catch some tunes is After Dark on Idle Rouge. This place always has a great line up of musicians, the atmosphere is friendly and unlike a real life night club their bathrooms are super clean and your feet don’t stick to the floor!

Twin Ghost performing at After Dark

This past Tuesday after I finished up all of my adult like responsibilities (okay I may have skipped one or two) I logged in and headed over to After Dark to relax and listen to music. Now entering a crowded venue in SL is always an adventure, you always go through what I call “The Three Stages of Rezzing”. The first stage starts off showing you what appears to be an empty room and an unencumbered path from the landing point to where you want to be in the room, what’s really happening is SL is giving you a false sense of security because the moment you take a step toward your chosen destination a whole slew of floating avatar names will suddenly appear and no matter what direction you chose there will be a name regardless of how many people are actually in the room. At this point you will try to carefully make your way through the sea of names trying to avoid stepping on any invisible pixel toes. The second stage usually starts just as you arrive at your chosen spot, avatars are starting to rez on the screen at least parts of them are, I refer to this stage as the “Cartoon Horror Porn Stage” this is where only random avatar body parts rez so all you see is a room full of floating hair, eyeballs, naked breasts and random arms. Once you are settled in your spot this is when you hit the third stage where all objects and avatars should now be showing on your screen and at this point everyone should be clothed (depending on the sim and to be honest the avatar) now whether or not all objects and avatar components are rezzing in the places that they are supposed be…well… that depends on the whims of SL, sometimes everything works and sometimes everyone in the room gets to see a persons detachable mesh naughty bits because SL decided they needed to be rezzed on the outside of their outfit and three times it’s actual size.

Once I was done with the fun process of rezzing it was time to sit back relax and enjoy some music with my date. We were able to catch three of the four musicians playing Twin Ghost, Maximillion Kleene and Funky Freddy Republic. If you have never heard these guys play I highly suggest you click on the links and check them out, you will not be disappointed!

Overall it was a very enjoyable virtual evening out and at the end of the evening I didn’t have to deal with trying to find my way out of an overly crowded and poorly designed parking lot and I was still able to make it to bed at a somewhat reasonable time!

Funky Freddy Republic performing at After Dark

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