Barefoot Meanderings

Feeling a bit whimsical, I spent some time recently hopping from sim to sim looking for a good place for some boho type photos. I enjoy photography in SL, between the endless options for costumes and props and the huge amount of windlight settings I can create almost any scene I want. The scene I was looking for this time was a kind of gypsyish boho vibe, basically Midsummer Nights Dream meets Stevie Nicks.

I started off on Netherwood which is one of my favorite spots. They also have another sim called Everwinter if you are in to to the whole post-apocalyptic thing.

Alyss in Netherwood

My next stop was Whimberly, I had never been to this sim before, it had a nice old world countryside type feel. It’s definitely a site I will visit again despite having some random guy make creepy comments about my breasts. One of the best things about SL is the mute and derender options which gives me the ability to remove douche-bags from my life with just a click of a button!

Alyss at a cottage in Whimberly

After Whimberly was Witchwood this was a very pretty sim and one that I will probably go to a again as I think it would be good for a fairy themed photo shoot.

Alyss in the forests of Witchwood

Once I was done frolicking through the fairy light adorned forests with cartoon woodland creatures I moved on to the sim Rustic Retreat. This sim had a little bit of everything and it was very well done. I especially liked the paper lantern tree.

Alyss under the paper lantern tree on Rustic Retreat

My last stop on my bohemian sim hopping adventure was Soul2Soul River which is a sim based on the Thames River. It was a relaxing sim and I found a beautiful patch flowers by the river to sit relax and take photos.

Alyss in a field of flowers on Soul2Soul River

All in all it was a fun afternoon of wandering around the grid like some barefoot hippie. Sometimes a girl just has to take a moment to smell the digital flowers.

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