The Strange World of Second Life

In October of 2010 I entered the world of Second Life as Alyss Whitewood for the first time. This was actually my second foray in to this virtual world, my first was as Gypsy Bedrosian (May she rest in peace) in 2008, where the first words spoken to me after making the trip from orientation island were from a garbage can asking me to go dumpster diving. My time as Gypsy did not last long due to frustrations with an inadequate computer and a very large learning curve, I ended up just deleting my account thinking I would never return.

But I did…

This time I had a better computer and some basic familiarity with how things worked in world, so I was able to focus on being social and meeting new people. Eight and half years later (3108 days later if you go by my avatar age) I am still here. In that time I’ve taken breaks here and there, given my avatar an overhaul more times then I can count (sometimes a girl just wants to hang out in a bikini and fairy wings for no other reason then she f*cking can!) and met a large amount of wonderful, interesting and amazing people.

Second Life is place that has a little something for everyone no matter how weird or crazy it may be. I have visited historical sites, beautiful beaches and abandoned theme parks. It’s got it’s fair share of idiosyncrasies as well, from lag to full on crashing sims it’s never a dull moment on the grid. SL is one of those places where you don’t even need to get drunk to end up naked on a sim without a damn clue on how you got they way.

So I thought it was time that I started chronicling my experiences and adventures on the grid, the good, the bad and the down right strange and there is plenty of strange in SL.

Versions of Alyss

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